Ruched skirt with Lilac Hoodie and Sneaks

It’s turned chilly so thought I would try the flared skirt and sweatshirt formula. This is the skirt I dyed from beige to gray — it has ruching but also flares the bottom. A new look for me but very comfortable with a graphic tee underneath for when it warms up today. Opinions and tweaks welcome.


Please show me your dresses with high tops?

The first two pics below are some white high tops I’m considering and would like to try them with skirts and dresses. I own the light taupe and pink ones in the last two pics and have some converse in navy and turquoise canvas. Lately I’ve been feeling like the canvas converse are less refined so I want to upgrade to leather. I’ve explored the forum and blog as well as Pinterest, but would love to see some photos of real people’s outfits. 

I usually wear midi to midaxi length dresses and skirts, and do have high arches so if you have better recommendations for sneakers I would love to hear them too. 


What I want to wear but Life is messy

I’m loving lighter colors lately but my life consists of living in a very casual town, gardening, hiking and working at home. Here’s a fantasy outfit that I could wear on a night out but I would still be the most dressed up person in the room. I need to work on my casual at home outfits but at heart I crave dressy casual.  

What about you? Do you dress up more even if everyone around you is extremely casual? 


Lilac Pink Skirt and Chelsea Boots

I took a little artistic license and am wearing a lilac pink flouncy skirt that feels like a tulle skirt to me.  I find it hard to style, so I played with Angie’s first tulle skirt outfit formula here:

Outfit 1
Knitted top: Soft rose brown thin cashmere wrap sweater, tucked
Tulle skirt: Diagonal ruffle lilac pink skirt
tailored boots: Pewter Chelsea boots
Moto jacket:I think I need a pewter or silver sheen moto!
Accessories: lilac and magenta scarf, magenta leather cuff bracelet, silver bag with chain strap

Outfit 2
Knitted top: lilac tee tucked
Tulle skirt: Diagonal ruffle lilac pink skirt
tailored boots: gray snakeskin Chelsea boots
Moto jacket: Chanel style flecked white and gray woven moto with dark zippers (too long?) or med gray suede 
Accessories: Gunmetal bracelet, hematite necklace and lilac and gunmetal earrings

Inspiration in last pic. 
Comments and suggestions welcome as always. 


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White Puffer Surprise

There are great deals out there on coats right now so ordered this white fitted puffer from Rack and nothing was mentioned in the description about the attached faux hoodie, but I like it. I don’t know why I didn’t see it because it’s in all the photos! it is removable with its own zipper and adds a nice break between the white jacket and my white hair.  The recommendations said to size down which I did, and it fits great with a thin top but there’s no way I could wear a sweater underneath and zip it up.  So I’m ordering my regular size to see if it works better. Sometimes it’s hard for me to decide between how it looks and how it functions.  


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Spring Capsule: Week One

Evaluating my capsule for the first week, I’ve found I don’t mind sticking to a pared down color palette so far, but I’ve reached for a darker base according on my mood and how I am feeling about my body. Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t have much to complain about, except for feeling tired and bloated from too much time at home on screens. We are in the middle of the annual chartreuse pollen blizzard here in Chapel Hill, NC so another reason for wearing darker bottoms.

Here is a collage of photos from most of the outfits worn since the beginning of April. 

1. Lilac Pink Booties are getting a workout even though I was unsure about the attention I might get from wearing them in the beginning. They do seem to give people joy and make me happy too. 
2. I’m reaching for shorter jackets more than my usual duster length I wore over the winter, although they feel strange at home, so am adding some short cardigans to my wish list. I love the length of the cropped one in pic #3 which hits at my natural waist. 
3. Jeans are my go to for bottoms most days, and I want to continue to work on casual outfits that fit into my lifestyle of being at home, walking on trails and the occasional get together.


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