Team Grey: Midaxi Dress

I’ve been enjoying wearing this lightweight grey tshirt knit dress to throw on over my swimsuit for my swimming during the week. I ended up getting three different colors (grey, light navy and turquoise) because they:

1. Were cheap,
2. Are cool for the Summer,
3. Have nice vertical lines and waist definition,
4. the grey one has a value value close to my skin draws less attention to my arms. 

I doubt they will last more than a season with all the chlorine, sunscreen and washing but that’s fine.  It’s nice to have something to throw on and it’s done. I think I prefer this midaxi length dress to skirts because of my short waist. 


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Outfit for the Pool

I’m trying to swim 3 days a week so here’s a real life outfit for going to the pool with friends. These are new linen blend trousers from Nic & Zoe and I’m scared to take them to the pool because they were expensive and I don’t want to ruin them.  But isn’t that kind of ridiculous? I’m going to take them off to get in the pool obviously and fold them up in my bag so why do I feel this way?  Probably because they are new!  Need to get over it. They are easy going and comfortable, nice and cool.  

Grit: hiking tee, snakeskin sandals
Glamour: dandy fedora style hat, linen sarong for the pool


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June Challenge: Week 1 (Patterned Tops)

Week One - Patterned Tops:

(Thanks Anchie for the Challenge; I may add more as the week goes on but this is what I’ve worn so far)

I tend to prefer solid clothes and add contrast and pattern in small amounts with shoes, accessories and bags, but I want to try some of my patterned tops to see how I could be comfortable wearing them. I often feel like it’s too much and want to put something solid over them which doesn’t work well in hot weather  

1&2 - blue and white floral cotton top with interesting sleeves.  This is not the best shape for me, but it’s cropped enough that it works.  I may see if I can get the side seams curved a little to show some waist definition. I like it best with the white jeans, but for practical reasons wore it with blue jeans at home.

3&4 - WHBM reversible silky shell with jeans and light gray duster, platform Sorel sandals. I feel really comfortable i this and like the watercolor feel of the top. 

5&6 - another silky shell in pale lavender with ruched gray mermaid tail hem skirt. I think there is too much going on here for me and would prefer the top with plain bottoms.  In the end I switched to a plain solid smartwool hiking tee and light bag and shoes. 

7&8 - sheer black, white and gray blouse with silver waxed jeans, snakeskin sandals and magenta bag, bracelet and lips.  I think I could use almost any color bag with this outfit. Silver orchid earrings and necklace.

Conclusion:  I need to stick with tops that skim my waist and show some curve, I prefer misty watercolor patterns or more subtle florals, only one pattered or textured item per outfit with everything else fairly simple is my comfort zone. I much prefer the soft patterns in the two shells than the more precise ones in 1&2 & 7&8.


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Summer Style Goals and a Sleeveless Top

Summer is a difficult time style-wise for me because I am picky about patterns, and I can’t always rely on that third piece or accessories to get my contrast levels when it gets hot. I’m being brave an posting a pic without anything covering my arms just to get used to the idea. 

I like the watercolor neutral floral fabric of this top mixed with jeans and taupe cage sandals with white soles to connect with my hair. The silky shell and duster front of this “Origami Wrap” add some glamour.  Jeans and cage platforms add the Grit. 

My summer goals include getting more comfortable with sleeveless tops, wearing more dresses and skirts, and finding some light and breezy third pieces, I want to swim 3 days a week which I hope might help with feeling more comfortable about my arms. 

(Edited to add Finds)


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Looking for a breezy summer cardigan

I’m looking for a lightweight breezy cardigan or wrap to cover my arms in the summer, but still cool enough I’m not roasting in the 90 to 100 degree F heat. I would like to wear more tanks this summer and throw something on when I need it. 

I love this full length Ralph Lauren cardigan duster, but it’s beyond what I’m willing to spend, so I’m looking at this XCVI shorter version. What do you recommend for someone who likes to cover their arms, and have you seen anything in the stores recently that fits the bill? Do you wear cardigans, a light wrap, a scarf or something else in the summer?


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