Winter 2023/24 Capsule Review

This is a photo heavy review of my Winter 2024 Capsule.  This season I bought a new cool red coat, bordering on red violet — I have had so much fun with it. I also purchased a pair of faux leather jeans and a lilac pink duster cardigan. 

 I experimented with black for the first time in years after being told I couldn’t wear it anymore. But I like dark moody colors so I thought I would give it a try again. Let me know what you think, if black is too dark for me or if I’ve made it work with the light additions.  

Photos 1 through 5 are my planned capsule pages which I enjoy putting together but I never follow it exactly. I keep doing capsules because I like to have a focused color palette for shopping and I’m looking for clues to why I wear some things and not others, what works and what doesn’t and generally I like doing the geeky analysis.  Plus it’s like playing with virtual paper dolls. I did 3 sub-capsules: casual for daily stuff, date casual, and athleisure although they do cross over into each other with some items. I made sure I had outerwear that worked well with most everything.

Photos 6 through 22 are some favorite outfits. 
Photo 11 is my version of gothic romance with a Devore blouse, purple velvet coat and a velvet bag.  Velvet overload!  
Photo 16 is what I wore at home on New Year’s Eve: wrap top, faux leather jeans, pewter boots and faux fur collar.  

Overall it’s worked very well and I plan on wearing these outfits through February. We’ve had such weird weather in North Carolina! Below 20 some days then 65 to 70.  I’m ready for Spring!  


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