Looking for a breezy summer cardigan

I’m looking for a lightweight breezy cardigan or wrap to cover my arms in the summer, but still cool enough I’m not roasting in the 90 to 100 degree F heat. I would like to wear more tanks this summer and throw something on when I need it. 

I love this full length Ralph Lauren cardigan duster, but it’s beyond what I’m willing to spend, so I’m looking at this XCVI shorter version. What do you recommend for someone who likes to cover their arms, and have you seen anything in the stores recently that fits the bill? Do you wear cardigans, a light wrap, a scarf or something else in the summer?


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Searching for Funky Shoes

I typically wear booties and sneakers in the fall, winter and spring, switching to sneakers and sandals for summer but am on the hunt for some more “refined” but funky creative shoes with lower heels (2” or less)  to wear with jeans, skirts and dresses in the warm weather. I need support and coverage due to lymphedema in my right leg and can wear T strap style, or cage but prefer coverage. I tend to shop at Nordstrom because of the returns policy but that is really limiting me. 

A brand called A.S.98 which seems to have lots of possibilities but expensive. I would love to hear your source recommendations for shoes that are a little unusual and creative, but not too dramatic. Janet, Suz and Brooklyn?


White Puffer Surprise

There are great deals out there on coats right now so ordered this white fitted puffer from Rack and nothing was mentioned in the description about the attached faux hoodie, but I like it. I don’t know why I didn’t see it because it’s in all the photos! it is removable with its own zipper and adds a nice break between the white jacket and my white hair.  The recommendations said to size down which I did, and it fits great with a thin top but there’s no way I could wear a sweater underneath and zip it up.  So I’m ordering my regular size to see if it works better. Sometimes it’s hard for me to decide between how it looks and how it functions.  


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