3 month road trip capsule thoughts

We are back from our 3 1/2 month road trip up the east coast of the USA from North Carolina, traveling across Canada, down the west coast and back home across the southern States  —  a total of over 16,000 miles in 105 days. I packed a lot of practical clothes, nothing really special because our plan included wild camping in our camper van with the occasional campground, lots of driving, exploring and hiking which can get dirty. I had some nicer clothes for the cities. 

We absolutely adored Canada but fell head over heels IN LOVE with Newfoundland: the dramatic terrain and the friendly people. We visited old friends, made some new ones along the way and visited both our daughters, one in Cambridge and the other in LA.  

If I had to do it again, I would expand my color selections, because I got really tired of wearing neutrals, blue and green. I would also add more feminine options - a floral blouse and a pretty dress. I started craving that early in the trip. At the last minute before we left I threw in a silky camisole with lace trim.  I did not feel good in the more masculine technical clothing I wore but the minute I added the camisole I felt like myself again. I need to find a way to feel more feminine in hiking gear! Or maybe all it takes is a pretty camisole. I also wished I had more shoes especially of the walking/hiking variety. For that long of a trip, I needed more options. I did not wear any of my graphic tees, but wore everything else. 

I didn’t take a lot of outfit pics but am showing an outfit with a teal velvet jackets I ordered and had sent to my daughters house in LA, so it was nice to have something different after the first month. 

If you want to see our entire trip you can find it here: 


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