3 month road trip capsule thoughts

We are back from our 3 1/2 month road trip up the east coast of the USA from North Carolina, traveling across Canada, down the west coast and back home across the southern States  —  a total of over 16,000 miles in 105 days. I packed a lot of practical clothes, nothing really special because our plan included wild camping in our camper van with the occasional campground, lots of driving, exploring and hiking which can get dirty. I had some nicer clothes for the cities. 

We absolutely adored Canada but fell head over heels IN LOVE with Newfoundland: the dramatic terrain and the friendly people. We visited old friends, made some new ones along the way and visited both our daughters, one in Cambridge and the other in LA.  

If I had to do it again, I would expand my color selections, because I got really tired of wearing neutrals, blue and green. I would also add more feminine options - a floral blouse and a pretty dress. I started craving that early in the trip. At the last minute before we left I threw in a silky camisole with lace trim.  I did not feel good in the more masculine technical clothing I wore but the minute I added the camisole I felt like myself again. I need to find a way to feel more feminine in hiking gear! Or maybe all it takes is a pretty camisole. I also wished I had more shoes especially of the walking/hiking variety. For that long of a trip, I needed more options. I did not wear any of my graphic tees, but wore everything else. 

I didn’t take a lot of outfit pics but am showing an outfit with a teal velvet jackets I ordered and had sent to my daughters house in LA, so it was nice to have something different after the first month. 

If you want to see our entire trip you can find it here: 


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White boots outfit

Hi, I’m back from my 3 month camping trip (will post about my travel capsule later) and survived the holidays. Hope you all had a good season!

I’ve been wanting some white boots and found these bone colored combat boots with a chunky heel. They see to go well with light grey, bone, probably white but they seem a little precious to me because of the color. In other words, I’m afraid of getting them dirty.

Please tell me your thoughts about these and white boots in general?


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Show me your Light Purple Pants Outfits?

I’m looking for inspiration on how to wear some lilac jeans I have which are slim cut. I haven’t worn them much and am considering replacing them with a wider cut because these can be hot in the summer. Here’s a couple of examples that I am not that happy with, but it may be the shoes. Please show me how you wear light purple on your bottom half?


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Spring Capsule Review

Here are some of the outfits I wore from my Spring capsule. After putting together this capsule at the end of March, I added several other items to it, but kept to my color palette of navy, denim, white and various tints of magenta, pink and lilac. 

(Edited to add individual photos)

New purchases (in Finds) included a berry color moto jacket, a lilac moto jacket, navy tulle skirt, a multicolor paisley dress and two pairs of platform sandals I love and will wear into the summer. Other items such as hiking pants, plaid pants, blue off shoulder top, light blue jacket came from my closet. 

Coming up with a color palette for the season seems to work well for me, because it helps me see gaps and focus on purchases that work well with other items, but I do need more variety than I originally planned for. 

My most worn items according to Stylebook were my white hobo bag, straight leg faded and frayed ankle jeans, pearlized light taupe high tops and a pair of multicolor statement earrings. One thing I learned from this capsule is the way I prefer to wear color is generally one color plus neutrals. 


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Planning a 3 month road trip (Part Two)

Thanks to your stellar ideas, I am well on my way with planning my travel capsule. I’ve incorporated many of them as you can see.  I’ve ordered the white crochet open weave sweater, a pale lilac waterproof windbreaker, a hat and swimsuit. 

I love the planning — it’s like playing with paper dolls!
Here is my capsule so far but I’m sure there will be adjustments made along the way and I’ll need to try on most everything to see if it works in real life. I want to get the majority of this done because my 86 year old Mom is moving here in June so I know I’ll be busy with getting her moved and settled.

The only thing I’m questioning is the leather jacket, and whether I should replace the white long sleeve tee with another color (maybe green or teal) to add some variety. All my bottoms are neutral, so it would work either way. I have the white crochet sweater listed that seems different enough than the white tee to keep both of them, but another color would be fun. 

I have 5 pairs of shoes not including house shoes, LOL, but they all serve their purpose: waterproof sandals for beach and camp showers, platform sandals for nice dinners, hiking boots, comfy hightops for hiking and city walking, nice but comfy boots for cold weather city excursions.

Just doing the math with 10 tops, 3 bottoms and 3 dresses — that’s 33 outfits, and that doesn’t even include third pieces. I’ve planned 12 outfits for each of 4 subcategories: warm weather city and beach, cold weather city, warm weather driving/camping/hiking, and cold weather driving/camping/hiking, so that’s 48 outfits all together and I don’t think I’ve exhausted then possibilities. Whew! This should be plenty to get me through any weather for at least two weeks before doing laundry.  

Any other suggestions are welcome. 


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Planning a 3 month road trip (Part One)

We (DH, Sadie dog and I) are planning a 3 month long trip starting in August, heading up the east coast from North Carolina, across Canada, down the west coast and across the south.   Stops include Boston to visit older daughter, Los Angeles to visit younger daughter, and see various friends along the way. We will be traveling and living in a Class B camper van, so have limited storage. We tend to spend time hiking and exploring, checking out art museums in cities, with the occasional lunch or dinner out. 

After looking at weather history, looks like it will be pleasant Spring/cool Summer weather, with temps dropping cooler in the evening, but there could be a possibility of cold temperatures in some areas, especially the northern national and state parks. 

As far as clothes, I’m thinking comfortable clothes that are easy to drive in and are versatile for multiple activities, layers including wool or cashmere, a couple of hoodies, a leather jacket, a packable down jacket, a dress, hiking pants, jeans, and a backpack style bag. I would like to plan on washing clothes every couple of weeks. (Will hand wash a few things in between). My biggest problem is always shoes because I want to bring more than is usually practical. And then of course bags to complement!

I’ve started working on a capsule but these are my ideas so far. If you’ve done a trip like this, I would love to hear any advice you have, what worked and what didn’t, and any favorite items you brought with you. 

Edited to add ever changing collection for this trip:


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Please show me your dresses with high tops?

The first two pics below are some white high tops I’m considering and would like to try them with skirts and dresses. I own the light taupe and pink ones in the last two pics and have some converse in navy and turquoise canvas. Lately I’ve been feeling like the canvas converse are less refined so I want to upgrade to leather. I’ve explored the forum and blog as well as Pinterest, but would love to see some photos of real people’s outfits. 

I usually wear midi to midaxi length dresses and skirts, and do have high arches so if you have better recommendations for sneakers I would love to hear them too. 


My 25 item Spring Capsule

I’ve been enjoying developing capsules for the different seasons, and for Spring 2022, I’m focusing on 25 items. I really wanted it to be 22 but alas. At the last minute I also threw in my white bag that goes so well with my hair.

Limiting myself keeps me from getting overwhelmed with decision fatigue and I’m more creative with my outfits. I usually add a few new pieces each season but also incorporate some things that I haven’t been wearing to see if they deserve a place in my closet or if I should pass them on to someone else. This time it’s the lilac pink skirt.

It helps if most everything works together although sometimes it’s fun to throw a wild card in there. By the time summer rolls around I can regroup and come up with a new capsule by shopping my closet.

My neutrals are navy, denim, and white and my colors are various tints of magenta, pink and lilac.

5 Tops: 1 tank, 1 graphic tee, 1 blouse, 1 chambray shirt, 1 hoodie

4 Bottoms: 1 skirt 1 light wash jeans, 1 dark wash jeans, 1 white jeans (may need to add one more here)

1 dress

3 Third Pieces: 2 moto jackets, same chambray shirt

4 Shoes: 2 combat boots, 1 sneaker, 1 sandal

4 Bags: 1 tote, 3 shoulder bags

Accessories: 2 earrings, 2 bracelets, 1 scarf

 I may add something else as time goes on since I have a Memorial to attend in May. This is the first time I’ve limited myself this much so wish me luck! Do you do seasonal capsules?


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New Style Name and Words

I put together all the words you used and a few of my own to describe my style in the previous challenge post https://youlookfab.com/welookf.....-scenarios and here’s what I came up with — several words belonged together in distinct categories and I have never had a more clear vision of my style.

Glamorous: luxe, elegant, retro, Art Nouveau, sophisticated, silky
tough, edge, industrial, bold, urban, modern
:  relaxed, casual, soft
Creative: arty, artful, artist
Romantic: playful, alluring, soft, bohemian, fluid, flowy, feminine 
Color story: monochromatic, neutral silver-blue, English garden colors: cool purples,lavender, blues, pinks
Light: icy, silver, white

Im sure I will still be refining this but so far this is what I have. . . Drumroll please . . . 

My new style name is:
Gritty Glamour
Style Words: comfortable, subtle, tranquil, creative, romantic, luminous, versatile, juxtaposition, unexpected 

I am so pleased with this change, and feel that Gritty Glamour covers so much more than my old style name Edgy Romantic ever did. With gritty I can have rocker chic, urban, modern, or even steam punk.

Thank you from the bottom of heart!


Style Your Wardrobe Challenge: 5 scenarios

I was inspired by RunCarla to post this challenge in order to better understand my style. 2 years ago, Jenn posted this ‘style your wardrobe’ challenge https://youlookfab.com/welookf.....-challenge and I’m repeating it now.

The 5 challenge outfits were:

- date night

- important meeting

-a wedding

- working around the house

- running errands

The collage below shows different refinement levels and activities.  I don’t really have important meetings anymore LOL but I did include some appointments that I dressed a little better for: two date nights, ukelele band performance, optometrist and yearly check up.  

I tend to dress in a flexible way for most days so I can do various things and change out accessories or third piece to dress it up or down without changing my base.  A good example is the second to last outfit.  I was wearing the charcoal knit onesie for home, but added a wool sweater and hiking boots to go meet some friends for a hike and coffee.  I could easily change to different accessories to head out to dinner.

Do you see any consistency of style words/themes across these scenarios? I would love to hear your thoughts on mine and please post your own if this intrigues you.  


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