Planning a 3 month road trip (Part Two)

Thanks to your stellar ideas, I am well on my way with planning my travel capsule. I’ve incorporated many of them as you can see.  I’ve ordered the white crochet open weave sweater, a pale lilac waterproof windbreaker, a hat and swimsuit. 

I love the planning — it’s like playing with paper dolls!
Here is my capsule so far but I’m sure there will be adjustments made along the way and I’ll need to try on most everything to see if it works in real life. I want to get the majority of this done because my 86 year old Mom is moving here in June so I know I’ll be busy with getting her moved and settled.

The only thing I’m questioning is the leather jacket, and whether I should replace the white long sleeve tee with another color (maybe green or teal) to add some variety. All my bottoms are neutral, so it would work either way. I have the white crochet sweater listed that seems different enough than the white tee to keep both of them, but another color would be fun. 

I have 5 pairs of shoes not including house shoes, LOL, but they all serve their purpose: waterproof sandals for beach and camp showers, platform sandals for nice dinners, hiking boots, comfy hightops for hiking and city walking, nice but comfy boots for cold weather city excursions.

Just doing the math with 10 tops, 3 bottoms and 3 dresses — that’s 33 outfits, and that doesn’t even include third pieces. I’ve planned 12 outfits for each of 4 subcategories: warm weather city and beach, cold weather city, warm weather driving/camping/hiking, and cold weather driving/camping/hiking, so that’s 48 outfits all together and I don’t think I’ve exhausted then possibilities. Whew! This should be plenty to get me through any weather for at least two weeks before doing laundry.  

Any other suggestions are welcome. 


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Planning a 3 month road trip (Part One)

We (DH, Sadie dog and I) are planning a 3 month long trip starting in August, heading up the east coast from North Carolina, across Canada, down the west coast and across the south.   Stops include Boston to visit older daughter, Los Angeles to visit younger daughter, and see various friends along the way. We will be traveling and living in a Class B camper van, so have limited storage. We tend to spend time hiking and exploring, checking out art museums in cities, with the occasional lunch or dinner out. 

After looking at weather history, looks like it will be pleasant Spring/cool Summer weather, with temps dropping cooler in the evening, but there could be a possibility of cold temperatures in some areas, especially the northern national and state parks. 

As far as clothes, I’m thinking comfortable clothes that are easy to drive in and are versatile for multiple activities, layers including wool or cashmere, a couple of hoodies, a leather jacket, a packable down jacket, a dress, hiking pants, jeans, and a backpack style bag. I would like to plan on washing clothes every couple of weeks. (Will hand wash a few things in between). My biggest problem is always shoes because I want to bring more than is usually practical. And then of course bags to complement!

I’ve started working on a capsule but these are my ideas so far. If you’ve done a trip like this, I would love to hear any advice you have, what worked and what didn’t, and any favorite items you brought with you. 

Edited to add ever changing collection for this trip:


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Tulle skirt

I’ve joined team tulle skirt and I’m so glad I ordered a size up for this one because it barely fits. Tried it today with a navy knit off shoulder top and lilac bag and shoes. I would like to figure out ways to wear it this summer, so will play with that a bit. Very happy with how the longer side of the hem covers my leg with lymphedema, so that’s an added bonus. I think Janet and Suz have this skirt?


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Dress Determination

I’m determined to wear more dresses this summer since it’s so hot and humid here. I wasn’t sure about how voluminous this ASOS dress was so I ordered a small and extra small and ended up going with the extra small. I am usually a medium.

I wore this dress to a garden bridal lunch yesterday with these soft white platforms I found thanks to Janet. They do a nice job of bookending my hair, will go well with a woven bag I wear in the summer and are supportive and comfortable. I’m tempted to get the gray version as well. 


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Searching for Funky Shoes

I typically wear booties and sneakers in the fall, winter and spring, switching to sneakers and sandals for summer but am on the hunt for some more “refined” but funky creative shoes with lower heels (2” or less)  to wear with jeans, skirts and dresses in the warm weather. I need support and coverage due to lymphedema in my right leg and can wear T strap style, or cage but prefer coverage. I tend to shop at Nordstrom because of the returns policy but that is really limiting me. 

A brand called A.S.98 which seems to have lots of possibilities but expensive. I would love to hear your source recommendations for shoes that are a little unusual and creative, but not too dramatic. Janet, Suz and Brooklyn?


Raspberry Pink Moto Jacket

Outfit with my new raspberry pink jacket over a neutral base of white and gray. I think this would look good with white hightops and white bag but still working on finding the right white sneakers. I can zip it and wear sweaters underneath in autumn and winter too, so three seasons. I think it will look good with navy, burgundy, lilac, and other pinks. The leather is very soft.


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Ruched skirt with Lilac Hoodie and Sneaks

It’s turned chilly so thought I would try the flared skirt and sweatshirt formula. This is the skirt I dyed from beige to gray — it has ruching but also flares the bottom. A new look for me but very comfortable with a graphic tee underneath for when it warms up today. Opinions and tweaks welcome.


Please show me your dresses with high tops?

The first two pics below are some white high tops I’m considering and would like to try them with skirts and dresses. I own the light taupe and pink ones in the last two pics and have some converse in navy and turquoise canvas. Lately I’ve been feeling like the canvas converse are less refined so I want to upgrade to leather. I’ve explored the forum and blog as well as Pinterest, but would love to see some photos of real people’s outfits. 

I usually wear midi to midaxi length dresses and skirts, and do have high arches so if you have better recommendations for sneakers I would love to hear them too. 


What I want to wear but Life is messy

I’m loving lighter colors lately but my life consists of living in a very casual town, gardening, hiking and working at home. Here’s a fantasy outfit that I could wear on a night out but I would still be the most dressed up person in the room. I need to work on my casual at home outfits but at heart I crave dressy casual.  

What about you? Do you dress up more even if everyone around you is extremely casual? 


Lilac Pink Skirt and Chelsea Boots

I took a little artistic license and am wearing a lilac pink flouncy skirt that feels like a tulle skirt to me.  I find it hard to style, so I played with Angie’s first tulle skirt outfit formula here:

Outfit 1
Knitted top: Soft rose brown thin cashmere wrap sweater, tucked
Tulle skirt: Diagonal ruffle lilac pink skirt
tailored boots: Pewter Chelsea boots
Moto jacket:I think I need a pewter or silver sheen moto!
Accessories: lilac and magenta scarf, magenta leather cuff bracelet, silver bag with chain strap

Outfit 2
Knitted top: lilac tee tucked
Tulle skirt: Diagonal ruffle lilac pink skirt
tailored boots: gray snakeskin Chelsea boots
Moto jacket: Chanel style flecked white and gray woven moto with dark zippers (too long?) or med gray suede 
Accessories: Gunmetal bracelet, hematite necklace and lilac and gunmetal earrings

Inspiration in last pic. 
Comments and suggestions welcome as always. 


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