Lots of Grit and Mimimal Glamour

I hope you don’t mind me posting daily as I’m trying to work through this new style recipe: Gritty Glamour.

Today I’m wearing a very casual outfit to meet my art journaling group in a cropped hoodie and flares. I started out wearing my pearl gray combat boots, but it felt like the outfit was too masculine. So I switched to pewter Chelsea boots and a pair of marcasite and pearl earrings; Small changes and not sure it works but seems to make a difference in how I feel. Anything else you would change or add to bring in some glamour?

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  • rachylou replied 2 years ago

    Casual Gritty Glamour fab! :)

  • cat2 replied 2 years ago

    Everything is so free of ornamentation. I think that can go normcore quickly.

  • Lana replied 2 years ago

    Thanks RachyLou!
    Cat2 Maybe with this type of top it would be better to have more interesting bottoms such as white jeans, plaid trousers or a bag that was more fun. I thought about adding a Chanel style jacket but it’s too warm outside.

  • Stagiaire Fash replied 2 years ago

    You’ve got it! The metallic boots add the glam. The light-colored bag is a good choice. With this cut, I don’t think those jeans say normcore, especially not with the shape of the sweatshirt. I suppose you could add a little choker or fancy belt (metal or brocade) but don’t think you need to.

  • Zaeobi replied 2 years ago

    I like the switch, but I think you need to find the right level of balance *for you*. Personally, I feel I look incomplete if I'm not wearing at least *one* piece of jewellery -which is probably how my gold double ball necklace & jade bangle ended up becoming pieces that I now *never* take off, lol...

    Even @rachylou commented that I looked like a different person when dressed in head-to-toe *masculine* (leather jacket, hoodie, jeans, combat boots). I suspect it's due to my Kibbe type (likely Romantic or Soft Classic), so that might be something you wish to look into when it comes to paring down vs pushing the envelope on Glamour? (Yet another style-related rabbit hole, lol...)

  • slim cat replied 2 years ago

    It's lovely outfit both ways - with white bag or metallic one. I like the metallic boots and light bag - white is probably your light neutral color 
    ( goes so well with your fab hair ).
    I'm wearing jeans most of the time when I'm not at work and usually go with turquoise accessories to add something echoing the blue in jeans 
    ( personal favorite but pearly white earrings as a close second ;) ).

  • Lana replied 2 years ago

    Stagaire and Zaeobi, thank you! Finding that balance is the thing isn’t it? I do have a marcasite watch which might be the perfect touch with the earrings and boots — or some type of bracelet stack. With such a casual outfit, too much jewelry seems off somehow. I am an hourglass shape so need some kind of waist definition to look the best.

  • Lana replied 2 years ago

    slim cat, a fun bag might be just the thing! I’ll play some more with it.

  • Star replied 2 years ago

    Funny, I see more glamour than grit.  The boots are glam (shiny) to my eye. Earrings are obviously glam.  I agree with StagFash the jeans do not read normcore.  I have a similar pair that I hacked myself.  I like it - Natural Glamour for today.

  • Angie replied 2 years ago

    Nice! Good glam and pretty bootie switcheroo too :)

    I'd add pearls that peak out from under the hoodie. 

  • Lana replied 2 years ago

    Thanks Star! Glad it works to you.  The hem is fun to do yourself isn’t it?

    Angie, somehow I knew you were going to say pearls! I have a set but they are longer than choker length, could try them a bit shorter and see how they feel.  I don't wear them as they are so could shorten them. Ooooo I have triple pearl bracelet.  

  • Angie replied 2 years ago

    Lana, a pearl bracelet sounds fab! I wear a double strand pearl bracelet daily.

    This pic was taken six months ago. I always wear pearls with my hoodies. 

  • Style Fan replied 2 years ago

    I like the outfit the way it is.  The metallic boots add glamour.  Some jewellery would be an excellent addition.

  • Runcarla replied 2 years ago

    I like the outfit the way it is as well - with the (dark) grey bag.  It looks like the right thing for the meet-up you describe.  My inclination would be to add pattern (as in colour, pattern, texture, shine) by tying a scarf incorporating the colours of your outfit (blue, grey, white, etc) onto the handles of the bag.

    I’m going to think about cat2’s comment, because it has applications for me.  I rarely ‘do’ accessories, and think her point about lack of ornamentation is valid.  Something to think about… 

  • Lana replied 2 years ago

    Thanks Angie, SF and RunCarla! I think it’s a valid point about ornamentation, a scarf or maybe an interesting bag like snakeskin would add some interest. I normally wear at least earrings even with casual outfits and will add bracelets or occasionally a necklace to more dressy outfits. With glasses though, I feel like I have to be careful or it ends up looking cluttered. 

  • Jaime replied 2 years ago

    Shoes/boots can completely change the mood of an outfit and I think you made an excellent choice here. I do like the pearls or other jewelry suggestion, but it would be trial and error until you hit the right note. No need to apologize for posting - enjoying your posts a lot!

  • Stagiaire Fash replied 2 years ago

    Jaime makes a great point—please keep posting. Your alluring outfits are great; I hope to learn from them.

  • replied 2 years ago

    I knew Angie would suggest pearls :) The boots definitely add the glamour factor!

  • RobinF replied 2 years ago

    Those boots are fabulous! I like this as it is, no need for ornamentation, although I agree a scarf on the bag might be fun. I think the great jeans make it seem current too. I have to say I love your hair and glasses.

  • Staysfit replied 2 years ago

    I like the shine of the metallic boots.  I also like the way the light bag echoes the white laces from your top.  Is it possible to exchange the strap of your bag?  Maybe a metallic chain strap would add some subtle detail, without looking too cluttered.  A chain strap might echo the boots and perhaps work within your gritty glamour moniker.  Another option might be a guitar strap with a pattern or colors you like.   

  • Lesley replied 2 years ago

    I think you look cool! A great haircut, glasses, boots, and jeans that fit well go a long way. To illustrate how we all have our different thing, I don't love a hoodie! But even Angie gives them a stamp of approval, so, different strokes!

  • cat2 replied 2 years ago

    Yeah, I was thinking a textured bag or a bag with some interesting hardware. I understand the challenge with glasses and not wanting too many things around my face, and don’t tend to wear scarves unless they are tied on my bag or I am wearing a lower neckline. A textured or plush sweater would also do the trick without dressing this up, or a sweatshirt in one of your moody colors or RATE treatments. Or a bit more casual jewelry or the watch you mention at your wrist. From the glimpses we have seen of your closet you have great pieces to work with, which is why I made a switch suggestion.

  • Lana replied 2 years ago

    Cat2 what is RATE treatments?
    I think this bag might do the trick.  It has texture and pattern and a silver chain strap.  

  • cat2 replied 2 years ago

    Perfect! That’s just the kind of pattern I was envisioning! RATE is Rough Around the Edges and refers to distressed fabrics, unfinished hems, visible seaming, etc.

  • Suz replied 2 years ago

    I love the metallic boots! And I love looking at your outfits, period! I take inspiration from them. Like you, I have silver hair and I use a lot of grey, white, and silver to bookend, highlight, tie together outfits. 

  • lyn67 replied 2 years ago

    Love your outfits Lana- this has  a fresh springy feel-as you grounded with whites and metalics!  I too wear lot of greys, but usually pair them more with blacks or do a column of color with some pattern and texture thrown in. Great inspiration for elevating an outfit with accessories and details (like white hair,  pearls, hoodie ties, fads and fringes on the jeans) either!

  • Rejoiceandbe replied 2 years ago

    I enjoy watching your daily posts and how you are illustrating your new style description. I am learning
    a lot from you. I admire the overall outfits and I love the impact of the earings with the hair.

  • Rejoiceandbe replied 2 years ago

    I enjoy watching your daily posts and how you are illustrating your new style description. I am learning
    a lot from you. I admire the overall outfits and I love the impact of the earings with the hair.
    Ps. As I looked at the photos again , I realized that I made a mistake. It's the light glinting off the mirror which I took to be a pearl dangle earing.

  • Zaeobi replied 2 years ago

    Marcasite sounds like a good balance of the Grit & Glamour for you.

    When it comes to pearls though, you may wish to combine them with something slightly more 'edgy' in the same piece, to stop them from looking too 'proper' for your look. E.g. I just bought this 'half' pearl necklace - the 'pearls' themselves are baroque (irregularly shaped), & the twisted rope adds a little more textural interest to the yellow gold. I sometimes wear *just* the gold or pearl part showing, depending on the balance in the rest of my outfit (i.e. pearls *only* if the rest of my outfit is more edgy/ 'masculine').

    Remember, it's not about the individual pieces as much as how they all come *together* to show that happy *tension* between both sides of your moniker :)

  • Lana replied 2 years ago

    Zaeobi, I love that necklace! Where did you find it?  I have a set of pearls but never wear them probably because of the “proper” connotations. 

    Rejoice, that is my earrings — the pearl catches the light. Thank you!

    Lyn, I love a column, probably the best choice for my shape. 

    Suz, I’m watching your outfits too!   We have a lot in common color wise.  There aren’t that many people I see with light silver or white hair and brown eyes, or are yours hazel?  They look dark in some pics.

    Cat2, thanks for the explanation, RATE sounds perfect for me.  

  • Stagiaire Fash replied 2 years ago

    Do you have a simple collar? You could try wearing the triple pearl bracelet as a necklace, the way Brooklyn posted about.

  • Jenni NZ replied 2 years ago

    Hi Lana I think this is my first reply to your posts. I haven’t been posting on the forum quite as much this past year or two but posted heaps when I joined in 2017- so much to learn. I like your new moniker. I guess I can’t see much glamour in fringed raw edged jeans. It doesn’t mean I don’t like them, I bought a pair myself in November. I suppose I am just wondering if you need to have both grit and glamour in every single outfit?

  • Lana replied 2 years ago

    Hi Jenni,
    that is a really good question and one I’ve asked myself many times, I know I feel the best when I have a combination of both. Outfits that are all mostly casual and masculine make me feel uncomfortable just like an all feminine outfit does. When I have the right mix, there’s a click, a feeling of ease, and when it’s not there I cant forget about what I’m wearing in order to move on with my day. I think in some situations there’s more of one and the other.

  • Zaeobi replied 2 years ago

    Here's the necklace:

    It's just costume jewellery but, if you like the idea of 'baroque' pearls (deliberately irregularly shaped, instead of perfect balls), then I'd recommend Etsy - seems that style of jewellery is popular there right now :) I know what you mean about pearls feeling too 'proper' - these are the only ones I wear!

  • Lana replied 2 years ago

    Thank you I like baroque pearls best, gorgeous necklace! 

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