Happy First Day of Spring WIW

Happy first day of Spring! Heading out for Lunch to celebrate and it’s a pretty day. I’m testing out my new style Name Gritty Glamour with a mauve pink floral embroidered dress, pearl gray combat boots, charcoal leather cuff and a white and hematite phone bag. I’ve ordered this chain link hematite necklace which I think would add some Grit to most outfits. Changes or additions?

pink, floaty dress, hair, embroidery, lace

leather, chains, boots


WIW Black and White Floral with Converse

Dug out my ancient beloved Converse mid tops (seriously they are about two decades old) which have black and white flames and skulls, and paired them with a sheer floral black, white and gray top and silver coated jeans. This is a lot of pattern for me and often feel like I want to reduce it somehow. Accessories are a charcoal leather cuff, small flower earrings and a pearl gray bag.

I struggle with whether Converse are too juvenile in an outfit like this, but too warm today to add a jacket which would have been nice to take it up a notch and reduce the pattern impact. . Suggestions or tweaks welcome.


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Comfy Arty Androgynous?

I’ve been thinking about the 53 styles post ever since it was posted, and I find it so hard to pinpoint my style. I’m attracted to some of the fashion in the 1920s, specifically art nouveau. But as far as the other styles I would say my base outfit is comfy and basic, but the details tend to be arty and androgenous if you define androgynous as a mixture of masculine and feminine. I would love to know if you see this as well or something else?

Outfit is frayed and faded cropped jeans, pale gray combat boots, light blue lace trim Cami under a rose brown cashmere sweater. Accessories include bronze art nouveau Style earrings with bits of blue and green enameling, light Blue and brown floral leather cuff bracelet, Blue stone and bronze necklace, Floral print scarf and blues and greens and pale gray backpack.

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Light Blue with Bits of Black

I remember wearing this combination decades ago.  

Light blue column with black Chelsea boots, charcoal leather cuff and snakeskin bag with black strap. I got rid of most of my black when I transitioned my hair to silver because large amounts look quite harsh on me now, but just adding these little bits of black, tied in with my darkish glasses seems to work. I might even throw on my ancient black moto jacket that survived the Great Black Purge. 


Grown up ways to wear graphic tees

Hi everyone, I’m just starting to post here (only a few posts in the past long ago). I wanted to get ideas on how to wear graphic tees in a more grown up way than the typical tee with jeans route which looks too juvenile on me now at 60. Here is my attempt to do this with a boucle jacket, utility pants and combat boots with lilac pink bag and earrings for a touch of Spring color.  What do you think? Any other ideas welcome.